The varieties that constitute this collection are all native or traditional varieties, which are cultivated or have been cultivated in the Iberian peninsula and the Spanish islands. Some of them are very old, their origin going back to the first introductions of potatoes in Spain, and another group is formed by the first obtentions at Potato Breeding Station (EMP) during the fifties.

There are also modern varieties, more recently obtained from the potato breeding program at the EMP (nowadays Neiker-Tecnalia). On the other hand, we include a potato collection from Tenerife and La Palma islands which are very old and represent an autochthonous germplasm with a very high value for the biodiversity that exists in this crop. This group contains different cultivated species coming from the first introductions of the potato after the discovery of the Americas. One copy of the varieties from Tenerife and La Palma are maintained by micropropagation in the germplasm bank of Neiker-Tecnalia. This collection is maintained too at The Center of Conservation of the Biodiversity of Tenerife, in collaboration with the company Cultesa, and at The Agrodiversity Center of La Palma.

The characterization data are available on the following publication: Variedades de patata y papas españolas

Passport     data   published  in  the  National  Inventory of  Plant  Genetic Resources Centre of INIA: